Kicking it off


My name is David and I am a proud husband and father of two.  My oldest, Xavier, was born a little more than 2 years ago now.  My wife, Kerry is a stay at home Mom, though she worked almost right up to Xavier’s birth, then stayed home ever since.  My daughter, Hayden is nine weeks old now, and despite having the opportunity to grab some much needed sleep, I am up writing this blog.

Why?  Of late, I have been made all too aware of the abundance of the so called Mom Blogs, and very often, when something with our kids needs a bit of internet research, I end up reading blog posts by Moms for Moms.  It could be that Dads just don’t do that kind of parenting, but I have to believe that there are many more like me out there who are active and interested in learning tips and techniques for better handling of the different world your life becomes  after children (AC).

So, what I hope to do with this blog is provide a sounding board for all those fathers out there (especially the first timers) to find advice and answers to their questions about fatherhood…anything from what to do when you baby has a high fever to best handling of an angry “WifeMom”.

I look forward to many helpful posts in the near future.

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