Again with The Shedd?

So yesterday was Father’s Day, my 39th as a son, and my 3rd as a Dad.  Shockingly, I did not go golfing on Father’s Day this year, though I did partake of some of the ongoing stop and start of the U.S. Open at Bethpage Black.  I slept in a little, then had some scrambled eggs for breakfast, courtesy of my 2-year old, Xavier.  Yes, he actually cracked and beat the eggs a bit.  My Mom came in from Naperville, and we spent a good bit of time at the park with Kerry and the kids.  Kerry (I am choosing to believe) unintentionally dressed Hayden in an outfit that claimed “I Love Mommie!” on Father’s Day…hmmmmm.  Later, we had yet another showing of our condo (listed for sale since mid-September with nary an offer), which required the usual 2 hours of cleaning and arranging.  The rest of the day was nice and generally calm, topped off with a small ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins.

Today, we gave the Shedd Aquarium another shot.  After our rough go at it last week, I discovered that my Dad had become a member, so is now afforded 4 adult and 4 child admissions with each visit.  We immediately took advantage, and asked him to host us as a day-after Father’s Day outing for the four of us.  What a difference it made going on a normal admissions Monday versus a Free Thursday.  No line, and no cost removes the worry of taking young children who are bound to get bored before getting your money’s worth.  Normal price for the full experience, which includes the Oceanarium and the Wild Reef (really the only attractions that make the Shedd worthwhile in my opinion), is $29 for adults and $22 for any child over 1!  That is $80 we “saved” today without waiting in a 2+ hour line.

Xavier enjoyed the fish for a while, but quickly bored of that, so we took him down to the Oceanarium to see the Beluga Whales (cool) and the Dolphin show (cooler).  The only issue we had there was that toet g a good seat, they suggest arriving about 15 minutes before showtime, then they started about 10 minutes late, so by the time the dolphins came out, Xavier was in near meltdown mode.  He barely settled down in time to see the dolphins jumping, which is really the only part of the show he enjoyed anyway.  Despite the pre-show tension, watching the smile of awe take over his face when those incredible creatures fly out of the water made the entire trip worth it for me…and hopefully, for him as well.

After the dolphin show, we did some diaper changing, and had a small snack that Kerry had packed.  We headed up to the Wild Reef where they have a true to life shark tank with several varieties of small-ish sharks.  Now, of course they don’t have Whites, Blues, Tigers, or Makos in there, but they may as well have been to Xavier who was ecstatic to see those sharks swimming virtually all around him.  I am sure he will want to go back again, and now, thanks to my Dad’s generosity, we can do so for free.

Well, almost free.  Kerry couldn’t resist the urge to buy him a pack of small shark figures for the tub.  I am certain they will be a big hit tonight!

So, Dads, share your Father’s Day fun with everyone here by leaving a comment (heck, you Moms can leave one here too…just don’t forget it was Father’s Day).

Be well!

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