A bit about this Dad

David is just another 38 year old dad. Kerry is the beautiful better half, and is truly not just another mom. David has a two and a half year old son named Xavier Alexander and a 7 month old daughter named Hayden Kay. Xavier is a fireball who would cause the Energizer Bunny to double over with cramping. He loves to play kick ball and a game he has designated fetch-ball. He has an obsession for trains, though his train play still typically involves a great deal of crashing and tragedy. Hayden is a sweetheart with a generally cheery disposition. She is currently in the army-crawl stage and is surprisingly quick as she grabs every object within an ever-extending reach. David and his family currently live in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood and are still trying to sell our loft condo (in case anyone is interested).

David has always wanted to be a father despite the fact that it took 35 years to actually accomplish. He understands that it is an extremely difficult, yet unimaginably satisfying role, and continues to learn as he goes. Though open to all viewpoints, David is generally pro-immunization, anti-spanking, and believes that children must be exposed to a great deal of different experiences and allowed to explore and make mistakes in order to grow into a well-rounded and adjusted person. He has also learned that parenthood requires a great deal more compromise than even marriage does, and is overwhelmingly grateful to have such an incredible partner in Kerry.

David is an avid golfer and currently carries a disappointingly high 9 handicap. His best 18-hole round ever was a 74, and he has a well-witnessed hole-in-one as well. David plays Cobra woods and hybrids, Mizuno MP-32 Irons, Cleveland Wedges, and an Odyssey putter. Among David’s goals in golf are to compete in a USGA event (probably the Public Links Championship), and perhaps play on the Champion’s Tour one day.

David had worked for Rand McNally since 1995, until I was laid off in June 2009. Most recently he had been managing product assortment, merchandising and affiliate marketing for our online store at http://www.randmcnally.com/store, though the bulk of his experience is in Product Management, Project Management, and Brand Managment. He is now focusing on finding a new and better way to make a living. This could include a new full-time job, but will focus on finding multiple streams of income through blogging, photography, affiliate marketing, and website creation and/or development.

David’s politics tend to be liberal, especially in relation to the environment and social programs, but he is fond of engaging in logical and fact-based philosophical debates on most issues. David was raised Roman Catholic, but no longer practices, and considers himself to be spiritual, though far from religious.

David has always had a passion for writing, photography, and sharing his opinions. Hopefully you will find David’s blogs to be well written, entertaining, and informative. Whether you agree with him or not, David hopes you will share your opinions on the blog as well to encourage open discussion and information sharing that will benefit all Just Another Dad readers alike.

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